N&O basketball rankings: Orange boys enter at No. 6

Posted by Tim Stevens on January 13, 2014 

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    Girls leaders

    (10-game minimum)


    A. Stevens CRY1339930.7
    G.Hunter ADR1437827.0
    K.Evans GRV1026826.8
    K.Demski RTA1228323.6
    K.Ealey BRO1327821.4
    R.Banks CAC1225521.2
    T.Murphy CLY1327120.8
    A.Cyr-Sculy ECH1220617.2
    T.Bartholomew SDA1423616.9
    K.Chandler GAR914916.6


    R.Banks CAC1223519.6
    A. Stevens CRY1324118.5
    L.Ronco DAC1717010.0
    T.Bartholomew SDA1414010.0
    C.Jones ENL121129.3
    M.Beuris CGI141218.6
    T.Hicks ENL131128.6


    M.Goodwine FKA15765.1
    S.Sheats SDA14594.2
    M.Wilson KNI14574.1
    K.Demski RTA12473.9
    C.Keel FKA15533.5
    C.Rothwell DAC17573.4


    M.Wilson KNI14795.6
    M.Reid CGI13705.4
    K.Bright CAC7355.0
    M.Goodwine FKA15714.7
    M.Curtis CRY13483.7
    T.Johnson ECH12413.4



    J.Guerra CAC1540627.1
    G.Clark CLY1640725.4
    D.High BNN1330823.7
    R.Council NDR1432423.1
    J.Green GRV1430321.6
    K.Hunter GRV1430121.5
    B.Pierce CRT1019919.9
    R.Whitfield WKC1223619.7
    D.Myers RCA1222919.1
    L.Nobles HLY1324418.8


    F.Iraufemi MID1517511.7
    K.Hunter GRV141248.9
    D.Humphrey GRV141228.7
    M.Freeman GRV141218.6
    C.Pulcher-Coard CRY141158.2
    J.Guerra CAC151167.7


    J.Green GRV14604.3
    J.Guerra CAC15604.0
    R.Mbenoun RCA12403.3
    D.Harris TRI14443.1
    D.Harris RCA10303.0


    N.Wortham GRV141309.3
    J.Munoz PAN13695.3
    J.Guerra CAC15704.7
    N.Smith CYC15583.9
    J.Green GRV14553.9
    A.Williams RCA12473.9
    C.McDaniel HLY15553.7

The News & Observer girls’ basketball rankings remain stable this week, but the boys’ rankings are shuffled after following losses on Friday night by Lee County, Heritage, Southeast Raleigh and Person.

Orange, 11-2, enters the boys’ rankings following a Big Eight 3A win over Chapel Hill.

Girls basketball

1. Chapel Hill114-0
2. Southeast Raleigh213-2
3. Broughton311-2
4. Apex412-2
5. East Wake511-2
6. Millbrook612-3
7. Cary711-3
8. Knightdale911-3
9. Clayton1012-4
10. Cardinal Gibbons1111-3
11. Holly Springs810-3
12. Durham Riverside148-4
13. Granville Central1510-0
14. RavenscroftNR11-4
15. Pittsboro Northwood129-4

Boys basketball

Rk. SchoolPvs.Record
1. Northern Durham113-1
2. Panther Creek212-1
3. Millbrook311-3
4. Clayton711-3
5. Broughton611-3
6. OrangeNR12-2
7. Bunn1111-2
8. East Wake811-4
9. Knightdale1210-3
10. Person1510-3
11. Durham Jordan1010-4
12. Apex147-6
13. Lee County413-2
14. Heritage511-3
15. Southeast Raleigh99-4

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