L.M. Green: A ‘very well-qualified’ candidate

January 13, 2014 

I am officially applying for the vacancy created by the departure of Ricky Diaz from his position at DHHS per the Jan. 9 article “Diaz to leave DHHS for job with D.C. agency.” I am compelled to apply through the public venue of The N&O because the employment process at DHHS is fuzzy in general and specifically, since this position was never posted before Diaz landed it.

Taxpayers can rest assured that I am more than “very well qualified” (to use the governor’s exact phrasing) for the position with a Ph.D. in cultural studies and business management and 20 years of experience in industry, education and government. In keeping with solid human resources principles, the position should pay a salary commensurate with my education, skills and experience, so there may need to be a bit of a tweak to that $85,000 salary (since Diaz had only an undergraduate degree and two years of nonrelated work experience).

And I’d like to negotiate a bonus package to be paid if I manage to do the job in a way that keeps DHHS out of any negative headlines. Of course, the governor will find that I am worth every penny just as he thought Diaz was during his brief tenure with DHHS.

L.M. Green


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