Michael Matthews: Special breeds

January 13, 2014 

Regarding the Jan. 7 letter “Pension plans”: The writer has no idea what military life is about.

I spent 25 years in the U.S. Army. During that time, my life was mostly on hold. Numerous stations around the world, family separations, constant deployments and endless training. And let me not forget the career-long low pay! Perhaps the writer would have a point if the pay had been generous. Entering the Army in 1967, my pay was $87 a month.

There are a lot of flag wavers out there but not many who would willingly pick up the rifle and guard the post. It takes a special person. These are our military veterans, our police and firefighters, who while we sleep make sure we are protected.

The writer apparently wants to be protected on the cheap. That’s fine with me. Let the writer move to Mexico or some other Third World country and let me know how that works out for him. Until that time, I suggest that we honor our promises and commitments. Those who protected and served us worked long hours, even for those who are thankless!

Michael Matthews


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