Scott Butler: Academics trumps athletics

January 13, 2014 

I commend The N&O on recent articles on college sports. This is an excellent time to take an inward look at what our universities should be focused on, namely academics.

Like many issues in life, we have evolved away from what is really important and toward what is popular and superficial. We have an opportunity now to pivot our universities back toward what is important: academics, providing a cost-effective education and educating our students so they can be productive. We have new leadership, and we have the fortitude and leadership to make the right decisions.

I agree with the writer of the Jan. 5 letter “Athletic slaves” when he said: “Cut the exorbitant salaries of the coaches and give it to our school teachers who barely make ends meet.” We can start by setting a pay structure for coaches and sports administration that is comparable to what our professors operate under. Coaches and athletic directors should be paid comparable to professors. We can have good games that folks enjoy without the ridiculous pay inequities that exist.

The discussion should not center on sports giving colleges publicity and status, but rather on the academics of our institutions.

Scott Butler


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