Chris Brockman: Clearly, single payer

January 14, 2014 

The headline to Frederick Parker’s Jan. 8 Point of View “Why Obamacare will never work” was irresponsible or intentionally misleading. In Parker’s words, “As Obamacare rolls out, perhaps we should remind ourselves why health insurance cannot be the solution.” Parker shows statistically that health care costs divided by the number of people covered yield premiums that are much too high for most people to pay.

A significant way to reduce U.S. health care costs, the highest in the world, is to cut out the middle-man insurance industry that contributes nothing to actual health care but a huge expense. A single-payer system is the only way we are going to be able to begin to get our medical expenses under control.

A survey of single-payer systems worldwide also shows they produce better outcomes. The necessity for single payer is the only reasonable conclusion to or headline for his piece.

Chris Brockman


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