Eric Hinesley: Tuition solutions

January 14, 2014 

Regarding the Jan. 14 editorial “Freeze it”: The runaway train of increasing tuition definitely should be slowed or halted. For many years, tuition has increased far beyond any reasonable measure of inflation. Why?

First, the ranks of administrators, along with their high salaries, have ballooned disproportionately.

Second, to be competitive, universities and colleges now provide dormitories and amenities that rival high-quality motels and sports facilities and are very expensive.

Third, students who can pay are supplementing the education of students who can’t pay, primarily to increase diversity. Universities are secretive about divulging actual dollar amounts. While contributing to this “hidden tax,”,many students accumulate huge debt for their own education.

Fourth, many degrees are not worth the paper on which they are written and should be eliminated. Conversely, courses and degrees with too little enrollment should be eliminated.

Fifth, too many people are going to college who should pursue vocations; a college degree is no guarantee of success.

Finally, there is too much redundancy in the system, and more efficiency should be sought. Too many campuses are competing for a pie that has too few pieces.

Eric Hinesley


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