Robert Hollister: Not digging Heels

January 14, 2014 

We can already hear the Duke fans’ chant at the next UNC-Duke basketball game: “Hey, hey, whadaya say, did you go to class today?” or “Can you read, can you write, why not do some homework tonight?”

As a UNC graduate, I am appalled that “The Carolina Way” has become the crooked and corrupted way. For those, like former Gov. Jim Martin, who believe that this is “only” an academic scandal and not an athletics scandal, I have a bridge to sell you. It runs between Manhattan and Brooklyn, and the price is cheap.

Who cares that 60 percent of UNC-CH athletes read between the fourth- and eighth-grade levels and that 8 percent to 10 percent read below the third-grade level? Just set up some more gut classes and hire some flunkies to write their papers and coach them through exams. And hire more administrators to deny, deflect and defend. Do whatever it takes, but just get those wins. All glory to UNC.

Robert Hollister

Chapel Hill

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