Five more ways to use a pretty tea towel

From staff reportsJanuary 17, 2014 

With our recent story, “18 ways to use a beautiful tea towel,” we invited you to share your ideas. Here are a few we especially enjoyed:

As a diaper pad

While in London recently, I decided to purchase a baby shower gift for a co-worker. One of the items commemorating the birth of Prince George was a tea towel. It’s an odd choice for a baby, but the generous size and appropriate pattern brought the thought of quilting it, backing it with waterproof polyurethane laminate fabric and turning it into a diaper-changing pad. The mom-to-be loved it. I am now looking for other tea towels with baby themes to make more.

Pat Muenkel


A gift or great gift wrap

Tea towels are one of my best gifts for everything. I give them to people in my family every Christmas ... large, linen tea towels. I shop for them on line for interesting designs or sayings. The best ones are linen, in my opinion. They last for a very long time. I also purchase them on trips as wonderful bring-home presents. I’ve purchased tea towels in Australia, Belgium, Amsterdam, Italy, France. They are great items to bring home without adding lots of weight.

I have tea towels that were inherited from my mother-in-law (long passed away) that I still use in the kitchen.

Then there are the calendar tea towels, sold by Yankee Magazine, among others, used after the year is up as a towel.

I have a beautiful tea towel with two dowels sewn in, hanging. It is a piece of art. My daughter bought it on line. It is signed by (designer) Vera.

You’ve identified the things I most use these towels for: napkins (always), basket liners, wonderful for cleaning glasses, pillows, art, etc. I’ve also used a piece of an old towel in a collage piece. My mother once wrapped my Christmas present in two tea towels.

Margie Chenery


Super souvenir

I found that tea towels are the perfect souvenir from my travels, and now friends bring me towels from all over the world as THEY travel. They take up no space in a suitcase, are unbreakable and are usable when home. I use the towels for everyday duties and reminisce about the place I visited or am reminded of the kindness of friends who remembered me when traveling.

Janet Hoffmann


A work of art

In 1991, I received a tea towel from my grandson Josh, who lived in the little fishing village of Aldeburgh, England. The towel was part of a fundraiser for the tiny primary school where Josh was an age 6 “first-year” student. All students, and everyone who taught or worked at the school, including cafeteria and custodial staffs, drew a self-portrait, which was printed on the towel. I had my towel framed, and it hangs in the kitchen where it is almost always the focus of visitor attention.

It has been more than 20 years since the towel was hung, but it still brings a smile when my husband and I look at it. Josh visited us this summer and loved pointing out and discussing the friends he remembers.

Juanita Frady Walker


Soft hues inspire scheme

A tea towel inspired my color scheme in our new townhome. I actually found it at a specialty shop in Raleigh a few years back. I loved the soft colors so much that I had a local paint store mix wall paint to match the gray in the towel. After painting the walls, I ordered a dozen more towels. I put them on my dining room chairs and had my decorator make sofa pillows with the rest.

Christine Harrell


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