What to Watch on Friday: Season 2 of ‘Cold Justice’ begins on TNT

Posted by Brooke Cain on January 17, 2014 


Former Texas prosecutor Kelly Siegler works with a local law enforcement officer in Altus, Okla., on TNT’s “Cold Justice.”


Cold Justice (8pm, TNT) - Season 2 begins with investigators Kelly and Yolanda landing in Oklahoma to unearth clues in the 2001 vanishing of a mother of two.

Bones (8pm, Fox) - A country music singer’s remains are found in a shallow grave, and the Jeffersonian’s investigation uncovers his record label’s mistreatment of him. Meanwhile, Wendell breaks his arm in a hockey game, but Brennan discovers shocking news when she examines his injury.

The Carrie Diaries (8pm, CW) - Carrie tries to help a struggling Bennet at work, but instead, they both land in trouble. Elsewhere, Samantha adopts an unexpected attitude about her latest affair.

Hawaii Five-0 (9pm, CBS) - A homicide investigation leads Internal Affairs to question Chin about the day his father was murdered.

Enlisted (9:30pm, Fox) - Don’t forget this new sitcom (second episode tonight) about three brothers stationed on the same Army base. Tonight, Derrick helps a dejected Randy get in the right mindset to pass his marksmanship test.

Dracula (10pm, NBC) - Grayson, who has something he wants to get off his chest about Mina, goes to war with the Order of the Dragon just as Harker becomes a member of the group.

Helix (10pm, Syfy) - The team have every hope that the virus is contained, but unfortunately it continues to spread at an alarming rate. At the same time, some of the secrets the docs are keeping prove to be deadly.

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