William Holliday: Ol’ Roy looks away

January 17, 2014 

UNC basketball coach Roy Williams’ assertion that he is not responsible for the academic side of his basketball players is at best laughable (“Willingham’s way,” Jan. 14 editorial). I am not sure what world Ol’ Roy is living in, but is he not the one who recruits his players?

At the very least he should ascertain that they are able to meet the standards of university studies, make certain that they are stay eligible according to NCAA rules and help prepare them for the real world when they “graduate.” But that apparently is not his job!

His second statement in an an interview with ESPN was that he had had only one senior who failed to graduate. I suspect that Williams is playing with the English language when he doesn’t address the issue of “how many players left school before reaching their “senior” year.

Williams missed an opportunity to take the lead on what is a serious issue in college athletics. One would have expected better from one of Dean Smith’s pupils. It is a sad day at UNC when the basketball coach of an elite academic university doesn’t think that his players’ academic progress is any of his business.

William Holliday


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