Chuck Houseworth: Fix things the right way

January 17, 2014 

The continuing obfuscation and parsing of words coming out of UNC regarding the recent reports in the local and national media only confirm for me that the UNC leadership is tone deaf and embarrassingly ineffective. Instead of acknowledging the problems that have brought UNC into such a negative spotlight, they only wish to quibble over such things as whether significant numbers of athletes are reading at less than a ninth-grade level, or something significantly better, such as maybe a 10th-grade level.

Come on, folks. Stop this farce. Acknowledge that admission standards are going to have to be tightened at this state’s flagship university and commit to do it. It might cost a few wins and maybe some nice bowl and tournament trips for the monied boosters, but it will demonstrate that UNC is serious about protecting its academic reputation and not yet quite willing to completely sell its soul to the big-time college sports machine as so many other schools nationwide have done.

This is a critical time. A reputation lost is not going to be easily regained. President Tom Ross and Chancellor Carol Folt need to get out in front and lead.

Chuck Houseworth

Wake Forest

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