Mark Kinlaw: Widespread issue

January 17, 2014 

Breaking news! Many football and men’s basketball players participating in major college sports are less than ideal students. Some don’t read as well as expected. Some need special academic support and tutoring. What a travesty! When did this all begin?

Thanks to relentless effort from The N&O, this unheard of injustice has finally been brought to light. We can all sleep better at night. Unfortunately, however, The N&O is once again reporting with blinders on. You are so intent on sensationalizing stories to boost revenue you are missing an opportunity to lead discussion on a very important and national issue.

Is it more newsworthy that some student-athletes at UNC struggle academically without (and sometimes with) dedicated support or when the school creates easy curriculums to help keep marginal student-athletes eligible? Or is it a bigger story that this is commonplace across the country? If these student-athletes chose N.C. State or ECU over UNC, would those schools have turned them away?

I’m not making excuses. I think something needs to be done. But not just at UNC. Like-minded rules need to apply everywhere. Oh, wait, they already do! But if we want to change these rules then we need to take the blinders off.

Mark Kinlaw

Holly Springs

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