Irene Smith: Steps to happy Sunday

January 18, 2014 

The Jan. 14 Life, etc. article “When Sunday feels like Sad Day” contains sad, bad advice to hopelessly me-centric readers.

Here are my six ways to beat the Sunday blues:

• Tell someone important in your life that you love him or her.

• Do a good deed for a friend or neighbor.

• Participate in preparing and serving a meal at your local soup kitchen.

• Count your blessings and give thanks to the source of all blessings.

• Spend time with your family.

• Share something made out of chocolate with a friend.

Happiness (as opposed to self-gratification) is a byproduct of the way we live our lives. The two principal characteristics of happy people are that they frequently express gratitude for their blessings and spend part of their lives in service to others. If Sundays make you blue, get up early, roll up your sleeves and do something for someone else and, above all, get over yourself.

Irene Smith


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