Louis Wooten: Unfair reporting

January 18, 2014 

In his Jan. 12 column “Time to come clean at UNC-CH,” Ned Barnett states that UNC has “stonewalled” The N&O because it “has asked UNC-CH to release a report on no-show classes that includes the numbers of athletes enrolled by class and ... who played football and men’s basketball,” and UNC has declined to provide the requested report.

Barnett knows that under the North Carolina public records act, UNC is not required to compile this information for The N&O. Thus, UNC has not “stonewalled” The N&O at all; it has simply refused to produce a report that does not exist. Omitting this important detail makes Barnett’s commentary highly misleading in an apparent intent to cast a negative light on UNC.

It is precisely this type of misleading and unfair coverage of the UNC/NCAA matter that makes it a practical impossibility for UNC to voluntarily provide The N&O with information. This happens when the media lose objectivity in pursuit of a story. Had The N&O reported this story more fairly, perhaps UNC would be more forthcoming in providing information.

Louis Wooten


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