William E. Jackson Jr.: UNC must find, solve issues

January 20, 2014 

In regards to Ned Barnett’s Jan. 12 column “Time to come clean at UNC-CH”: Barnett wrote: “This is a case where the university needs to say what is hard to admit. It should reveal all that was going on with the phony classes and athletes. And it’s a full disclosure that must be demanded by Chancellor Folt.”

What seemed like a bruise to the oldest state university’s reputation under former Chancellor Holden Thorp has become a deep wound for all to see. Now the public has been treated to the spectacle of Roy Williams attesting to academic integrity at UNC-CH!

Incestuous Chapel Hill officials are simply not going to be believed. The state legislature and the governor have no appropriate role. A serious examination is beyond the scope of the Orange County district attorney. That leaves UNC system President Tom Ross and the board of governors. So far Ross has publicly avoided taking any action. The UNC Board of Governors should appoint an independent commission, with counsel, to investigate from top to bottom and to issue a public report.

Is it possible for the university of Frank Graham and Bill Friday and Dean Smith to set an example by making a choice that almost all universities avoid? They must restore the integrity of the flagship campus by championing academics over big-time athletics.

William E. Jackson Jr.


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