James Maynard Jr.: ACA progressing

January 20, 2014 

How refreshing to read the Jan. 11 Point of View piece “ Celebrating Obamacare’s positives” by Don Hess. He captured the sustainability failure of the health care system that has been prevalent in the United States since World War II and how it has become infected by excessive profit motives at the expense of meaningful care for average citizens.

While the implementation of the Affordable Care Act has had its challenges, it has focused the attention of the public and an inquiring press on the disingenuous platitudes and abject failures of the existing private insurance company practices. Junk policies, denial of claims, coverage limitations along with excessive salaries for senior management are their legacy.

Your Jan. 12 front-page story “After loss of key doctors, WakeMed seeks to stabilize” reflected many of the issues Hess addressed in his piece. The Affordable Care Act does not answer all the questions or deal with all the challenges presented by the need for affordable quality heath care in the United States. However, it is finally forcing all of the constituencies of the current system to begin to ask many of the right questions.

James Maynard Jr.


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