Kurt M. Ribisl: Great decision to revamp Tarboro Street area

January 20, 2014 

A Triangle CEO wrote the Jan. 7 letter “Bad decisions” in which he commented about the Tarboro Street area in Raleigh that has begun a revitalization effort. He wrote that people living near a “cluster of convenience stores advertising malt liquor, cigarettes and lottery tickets” are not there because they are disadvantaged, but because they make “very bad decisions on how they run their lives.”

Given our current economy, not everyone has a choice in where to live. The article mentioned two beer and wine outlets operating next to a day care. Does the writer think the small children going there each day are making “bad decisions” as well? Do they have a choice? We all want our kids to have a chance at pursuing their dreams, perhaps becoming a CEO like the writer.

Due to community efforts and good policing, that area has seen crime rates drop after three tragic homicides in 2008. I hope the city invests in this prominent neighborhood in our state capital. Past revitalization efforts have included joint private and public ventures that help build stronger communities, promote local businesses and create jobs. In my view, these are “great decisions.”

Kurt M. Ribisl

Chapel Hill

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