The N&O basketball rankings: Word of God enters Top 15

Posted by Tim Stevens on January 20, 2014 

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    4A scoring

    G.Clark CLY1743925.8
    R.Allen-Shabazz KNI1637223.2
    R.Council NDR1432423.1
    L.Nobles HLY1426018.6
    C.Gensler CRY1526417.6
    Q.Jackson EWK1526217.5
    T.J.Evans APX1524716.5
    J.Munoz PAN1524516.3
    N.Potts EWK1422015.7

    4A rebounding

    F.Iraufemi MID1618611.6
    C.Pulcher-Coard CRY151298.6
    D.Robinson CRY151107.3
    D.Byrd FUQ141017.2

    4A assists

    J.Munoz PAN15694.6
    C.McDaniel HLY16553.4
    J.Barnes GAR14433.1
    K.Lockett EWK15432.9
    J.Collins MID16362.2
    CJ.Lyon CRY15322.1
    Y.Sands MID10212.1
    C.Gensler CRY15302.0

    4A steals

    C.Williams WJO15281.9
    F.Iraufemi MID16271.7
    J.McLean EWK15261.7
    D.Tatum CRY15251.7
    C.McDaniel HLY16261.6
    CJ.Lyon CRY15231.5


    4A scoring

    A. Stevens CRY1443130.8
    G.Hunter ADR1540627.1
    K.Ealey BRO1429721.2
    T.Murphy CLY1428820.6
    K.Chandler GAR1018418.4
    A.Cyr-Sculy ECH1220617.2
    R.Council NDR1320415.7
    M.Wilson KNI1522915.3

    4A rebounding

    R.Banks CAC1425718.4
    A. Stevens CRY1425218.0
    C.Jones ENL131279.8
    T.Hicks ENL141158.2
    H.Hite MID161267.9
    M.Castagnero APX151067.1
    S.Towne ECH11736.6
    S.Greene JOR15916.1
    A.Bethea FUQ15906.0
    R.Council NDR13775.9

    4A assists

    M.Wilson KNI15795.3
    T.Johnson ECH12443.7
    M.Curtis CRY14503.6
    B.Tate HLY13393.0
    M.Castagnero APX15402.7
    K.McElroy MID15372.5

    4A steals

    M.Wilson KNI15573.8
    A.Steward KNI15442.9
    A.Lewis ENL14412.9
    L.Perry FUQ15392.6
    T.Johnson ECH12312.6
    K.McElroy MID15372.5
    B.Tate HLY13322.5

The Northern Durham boys and the Chapel Hill girls remain atop The News & Observer high school basketball standings.

Raleigh Word of God enters the boys’ ranking.

Durham Academy enters the girls’ poll.

Boys’ basketball

Rk. SchoolPvs.Record
1. Northern Durham115-1
2. Panther Creek214-2
3. Millbrook313-3
4. Clayton414-3
5. Orange613-2
6. Knightdale913-3
7. Bunn712-2
8. Heritage1412-4
9. Broughton512-4
10. Apex129-6
11. East Wake810-5
12. Person1011-5
13. Durham Jordan1111-5
14. Word of GodNR11-4
15. Lee County1313-3

Girls’ basketball

Rk. SchoolPvs.Record
1. Chapel Hill115-0
2. Southeast Raleigh214-2
3. Broughton312-2
4. Apex412-3
5. East Wake512-2
6. Millbrook613-3
7. Cary712-3
8. Knightdale812-3
9. Cardinal Gibbons1013-3
10. Holly Springs1111-3
11. Granville Central1211-0
12. Ravenscroft1313-4
13. Northwood1411-4
14. Durham AcademyNR16-4
15. Clayton910-5

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