Democrats say McCrory’s teacher pay push is empty words

Posted by John Frank on January 21, 2014 

Gov. Pat McCrory laid out his vision for the year ahead ( read more here) and Democrats were quick to respond.

The state Democratic Party said McCrory’s vague statements on teacher pay don’t go far enough. “North Carolina teachers and concerned parents will see right through the governor’s attempt to use teacher pay as a political football in the lead up to an election,” said Patsy Keever, a party vice chairwoman. “The truth is this rhetoric falls far short of what our hardworking teachers need and shows that Republican leadership in this state simply refuse to take public education seriously.”

Senate Democratic leader Martin Nesbitt and House Democratic leader Larry Hall suggested a pay raise for teachers wouldn’t erase the Republican leaders actions a year earlier on education.

“Governor McCrory’s record is clear,” Hall said in a statement. “He cut education by $500 million, increased class sizes and rejected a teacher pay raise. Public education took these hits because Governor McCrory prioritized a tax plan gives huge tax breaks to out-of-state corporations and the wealthiest citizens in the state while raising taxes on the middle class and working families. North Carolina needs a legislative agenda that grows and supports the middle class, not more empty rhetoric from the Governor.”

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