Bill Brown: Balanced UNC coverage needed

January 21, 2014 

First, let me state as a graduate of UNC-CH I support a restoration of balance between academics and athletics. Carolina should be a great academic and athletic institution. It should not sacrifice one for the other.

However, I take offense at your Jan. 19 editorial “Heels tarred.” Why is it wrong for UNC to challenge the research methods and conclusions of Mary Willingham? Is the research of one person, whose body of work was not vetted, to be automatically accepted without challenge? If UNC uses the same calculations as CNN and came to strangely different conclusions, why is it wrong to raise those issues? That doesn’t suggest to me that UNC is trying to “sweep the story under the rug.” It is trying to stop the attack on its academic integrity.

If your paper’s purpose is to promote reform of athletics and academics, a cause I support, why not try giving a fair and balanced appraisal of the facts? However, after reading Barry Jacobs’ Jan. 19 column about the UNC “curse,” I question if reform is the purpose of your continuing stories on UNC. I challenge you to investigate all sides of this story.

Bill Brown


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