Stephanie Lytle: No retention benefits

January 21, 2014 

Regarding the Jan. 10 news article “3rd-grade pupils to take 36 mini-tests”: Obviously Sen. Phil Berger did no research on the pros and cons of retention for children with this new third-grade reading law

My son was recommended to be retained in first grade. I did researched the subject, having no opinion either way, just wanting to do what was right for my son. I found every journal article I could and spoke to countless education professionals, every source came back with the same answer: Retention benefits no child in the long run.

The only pro to retention is a benefit in the next year or two, but then a student is back where he started because the problem that caused the child to not succeed in school was never addressed. My son was tested for learning disabilities; he has multiple learning issues, including dyslexia.

I want all parents with a struggling child to know they can insist that their child be evaluated for learning differences. The schools must test children if parents insist. If I had not, my son would be one of the many children held back this year with no long-term benefit to him.

Stephanie Lytle


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