Ellen Weiner: Say ‘no’ to gerrymandering

January 21, 2014 

Regarding Rob Christensen’s Jan. 8 column: The best description of gerrymandered districts I’ve heard is this: Instead of voters choosing the legislators, legislators are choosing the voters. It’s done by both political parties whenever they are the majority, using computers to analyze voting patterns to redraw voting districts.

How can anyone who supports gerrymandered districts explain how he or she is suited for an elected office in this country? With our representative democracy? Under our Constitution? Seriously?

This year a bill was proposed in the state House to delegate the drawing of district lines to the legislature’s nonpartisan professional staff. It got 61 bipartisan sponsors (a majority of the 120-member House) but never got to a vote in the state Senate under the leadership of President Pro Tem Phil Berger, who in part represents my own Guilford County.

From now on, from any candidates for state or national offices asking for my vote, I am asking how they stand on gerrymandered districts. Knowing this will give me a pretty good idea of whether I’ll be interested in hearing anything else they have to say.

Ellen Weiner


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