Ron Robison: Pistol Pete memories

January 22, 2014 

Enjoyed the Jan. 9 sports article “Area’s best NBA talent includes Wall” by Tim Stevens. I know it’s a task that can be debated until the last shot drops, but the one choice I can’t agree with is Pete Maravich as No. 2.

I knew Pete when we were both students at Broughton High School, and his college records will never be broken. One year while in high school, I helped Pete load 19 teddy bears he won at the State Fair, and the next day he ran the pool table five times in a row on me. I played golf for Broughton and later at N.C. State and said, “Pete, how about playing me in golf so I can get my money back?” He looked at me and said, “No way. That sport’s too hard.” I just smiled. Pete was incredible at LSU and later in the NBA.

I taught high school mathematics at Broughton and Enloe for over 30 years and got students to watch old films of Pete, and they would be speechless. Just incredible.

RIP, Pete. No one ever will be better.

Ron Robison, Raleigh

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