Philip N. Henry: Accepting annoyances

January 23, 2014 

I was glad to see Barry Saunders take on the recent shooting in a Florida movie theater in his Jan. 16 column “Villain goes off script.” That the shooter let his annoyance with texting escalate to a point that he drew a weapon and killed the perpetrator is distressing.

Every day I am faced with behavior that annoys me, but I ignore it, move away or withstand it until I can escape. Loud and distasteful music, low-riding pants with underwear showing and loud talking and texting on cell phones are displays that are commonplace if we venture out in public. Standards of behavior are fluid and likely depend on our immediate environment. As in this case, standards of behavior and expectations don’t always align.

For sure, there will be no cooling off period with all of the heat being packed by people standing their ground who fear for their lives when faced with an adversary armed with a bag of popcorn.

Philip N. Henry


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