Colleen Wojciechowski: Public housing issues

January 23, 2014 

Regarding the Jan. 22 news article “Council questions cut in housing but OKs it”: I read with much dismay the continued decline of available affordable housing. Steve Beam’s salary is ridiculous, and he stated there is not enough money to keep public housing. How about bringing his salary into the the real world and use the $140,000 cut to provide 10 more families some place to live?

I have a family member with schizophrenia. He does not receive enough money from SSI to cover costs in a market-rate apartment and does not receive enough to be accepted into a HUD-subsidized complex. There are minimum incomes attached to apartments. There are no Section 8 vouchers available for years. I help to keep him from being homeless and pay for utilities, but this triggers a 2012 reduction law, and his SSI is further decreased.

How about letting Beam try finding housing with utilities and all living expenses in a safe neighborhood for less than $600 a month? Does he really need to make a quarter of a million dollars while cutting housing?

Colleen Wojciechowski, Cary

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