National Association of REALTORS mails fliers praising Hagan

Posted by Katie Reilly on January 23, 2014 

Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan’s campaign to keep her seat in the U.S. Senate is getting some help from the National Association of REALTORS.

The association has sent at least three fliers praising Hagan’s home ownership policies to North Carolinia homes this month. The glossy fliers include photos of homeowners and home-improvement projects and words of praise for Hagan.

“Senator Kay Hagan: Keep on fighting for North Carolina homeowners,” reads one.

Another says: “Homeownership is a vital part of the American dream. That’s why Senator Hagan is committed to helping young families afford their first homes by opposing regulations that go too far in raising the down payment requirements for qualified homebuyers.”

Ken Wingert, a lobbyist for the NAR, said the organization does issue advocacy work every year, even when lawmakers are not in the midst of campaigns.

“These are not campaign ads,” Wingert said. “These are more ‘thank you’ ads for Senator Hagan.”

Wingert named Hagan’s support of low flood insurance rates, low down-payment requirements and mortgage interest reductions as a few of the reasons she has earned the thanks of the real estate industry.

“NAR is publicly thanking a dozen members of Congress throughout the country from both parties who worked to promote and protect homeownership and property rights for all Americans during the last legislative session,” said Jenny Werwa, public issues media manager for the NAR, in an email.

The organization will continue its advocacy efforts throughout the year, she said.

The organization also runs the REALTORS Political Action Committee, which specifically aims to raise and spend money to elect candidates who support its interests.

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