John Steigerwald: Enough is enough

January 25, 2014 

I have read with great interest your columns and stories on Mary Willingham. I cannot believe that you accept everything she says as gospel truth and say or at least imply that everyone else is lying. Your editorials continue to call for UNC to “come clean.” After seven investigations? How many is enough?

Now let’s look at Willingham. She admitted she lied about cheating to the NCAA panel so UNC changed her job, and she filed a grievance against university. Given this, no one at the university should speak with her without a lawyer present. She is getting plenty of publicity for her in-progress book with your help.

I admit to being a proud graduate of UNC and probably not being the most unbiased person. But the constant drumbeat of doubt that you sow on very limited evidence is shameful.

John Steigerwald


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