Dennis Woolard: UNC issues unique

January 25, 2014 

Regarding Luke DeCock’s Jan. 17 column “UNC symbol of dysfunction”: So DeCock thinks “everybody is doing” the same thing UNC is doing? Seriously?

Every college has hundreds of fake classes? Every college has tutors that pay parking tickets, write papers, babysit for the football coach at times? Every college has several members of its current football team receive numerous D’s and F’s and, even in the midst of an “investigation,” are allowed to play in a bowl game? Every college has its star basketball player kicked off the team for illegal use of cars, not to mention the drugs and gun found nearby, only after he is still allowed to sit on the bench until the pressure is overwhelming to get rid of him?

These are just the problems UNC has had that come to me without even thinking hard! I’ll tell you one way UNC is unique: Doing all this with just a slap on the wrist from the NCAA. (No Consequences At All must be what that stands for!)

Dennis Woolard

Willow Spring

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