Stephen R. Kandall: Too many Pats on the back

January 25, 2014 

Is anyone else tired of Gov. Pat McCrory’s self-congratulatory statements and responses to criticism? If anything goes well in this state, he is quick to claim full credit for it. When things go badly, however, he is just as quick to blame others for the bad outcome.

Witness the DHHS mess, “that’s due to Obamacare,” and he has nothing to do with the incompetence of his own appointees.

I hope that the governor does not dislocate his shoulder patting himself on the back for his version of the North Carolina resurgence. If he does, however, he, unlike many of his fellow North Carolinians denied health coverage because of his refusal to entertain a state-run exchange or expand Medicaid coverage, will be in the fortunate position of having health insurance.

Stephen R. Kandall


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