Bill Jensen: Avila, Stam shun rules

January 26, 2014 

After reading the Jan. 13 Point of View “Stirred, not cleaned by SolarBee,” I checked to see how the state Senate and House members from Wake County voted on the bill to delay the Jordan Lake rules and install the silly SolarBee system to stir the impurities in Jordan Lake. Delaying the Jordan Lake rules simply allows for more pollution to pour into the lake from upstream.

All of the state Senate members from Wake County voted to keep the Jordan Lake rules and protect our lake. All of the state House members from Wake County voted to keep the Jordan Lake rules except for three. Jim Fulghum, Marilyn Avila and Paul “Skip” Stam voted to delay the implementation of the Jordan Lake rules.

It is truly unfortunate that Avila and Stam voted against their own constituents in the towns of Morrisville, Cary and Apex. Each of these towns gets its drinking water from Jordan Lake.

Our state representatives must remember that Jordan Lake is not an open pit septic container for towns and counties upstream.

Bill Jensen


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