Robert Rockett: Paper, please

January 26, 2014 

The three articles on the front page of the Jan. 20 Connect section covered three different yet very important aspects of new technology: complexity of usage, data privacy and the ever-developing politics of technology. All three made me grateful for my old-fashioned print edition of The N&O, but “Nest users weigh privacy concerns” really caught my attention.

Words printed on paper are one of our oldest technologies. While the publishers can tally me as one paper sold, they cannot know what stories I’ve read or what ads I’ve viewed. Only my dedicated paper carrier has a chance to know what I am doing when my paper arrives at 5:50 every morning, and I don’t get the impression that she is moonlighting for a major tech firm. In other words, I feel that my privacy is safe.

Should The N&O ever threaten my privacy, I will not think twice to use the built-in fail safe feature: I will use it to start a fire in the wood stove.

Robert Rockett


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