Owners use target markets to connect with customers

vbridges@newsobserver.comJanuary 27, 2014 

Earlier this month, Shop Talk reporter Virginia Bridges attended a FemCity Raleigh lunch, where she asked members of the women’s business group about their target markets and how they are using that information in their company. This is what they said.

• “My target market is women, over the age of 23, who are interested in fashion and understand that quality is as important as style,” said Jennifer Swanson of Mooresville, a merchandise manager for Chloe and Isabel, a direct-sale fashion jewelry company. “By focusing on my target market, I can determine if a networking event or vendor opportunity is a good fit for my business. If ‘my ladies’ are not going to be there, why should I be?”

• Jessica Sabatini, a relationship and dating coach for her company, Finding My Real Love, said her target market is forward-thinking, financially stable, single men and women, mostly in their 40s and 50s.

“I attend and host singles events, promote myself on relationship and love advice websites. And when I’m out networking, I don’t worry about impressing everyone as a tech-savvy business owner,” Sabatini said. “Instead I focus on bringing emotional and relationship issues into the conversation.”

• “My target market is individuals who do not want to smell, look or be like everyone else in the room. Exclusivity and uniqueness is a high priority for them,” said Regina Gale, owner and designer at Regina Gale Cosmetics, a Durham company that creates custom perfumes and cosmetics. “Knowing this has allowed me to refocus my efforts to places this discerning individual shows up.”

• Alice Osborn, owner of Raleigh editing, writing and coaching services company Write From the Inside Out, said her best clients have all been “college-educated, lifelong learners, who eat healthy foods, read, practice yoga” and think they can make a difference.

“With this knowledge and insight, I spend most of my time networking and facilitating writing workshops with individuals active in the North Carolina Writers’ Network, Toastmasters and women’s networking groups, who are seekers yearning to publish their books,” she said.

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