N&O basketball rankings: Millbrook, Clayton boys move up

Posted by Tim Stevens on January 27, 2014 

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    Boys Scoring

    J.Guerra CAC1847526.4
    G.Clark CLY1845225.1
    R.Allen-Shabazz KNI1740023.5
    D.High BNN1637623.5
    J.Green GRV1737622.1
    K.Hunter GRV1735921.1
    R.Council NDR1735921.1
    B.Pierce CRT1121619.6
    L.Nobles HLY1630519.1
    D.Myers RCA1324719.0
    B.Stenborg CLE1628918.1
    T.J.Evans APX1832418.0
    R.Ray NRC1525817.2
    R.Whitfield WKC1525517.0
    J.Boone CFS58517.0
    Q.Jackson EWK1728516.8
    C.Gensler CRY1728416.7
    N.Potts EWK1626516.6
    R.Mbenoun RCA1321416.5
    M.Romocki CGI1829116.2
    S.Young CRT1117115.5
    J.Fornes WOG1117015.5
    J.Simme RTA1421615.4
    C.Ellis CYC1928815.2
    J.Munoz PAN1827115.1
    Q.Jackson WOG1116515.0

    Boys rebounding

    G. ClarkCLY1825614.2
    F.Iraufemi MID1820911.6
    K.Hunter GRV171669.8
    D.Humphrey GRV171579.2
    M.Freeman GRV171528.9
    C.Pulcher-Coard CRY171468.6
    J.Guerra CAC181377.6
    D.Robinson CRY171176.9
    A.Mangelsdorf CAC181166.4
    Q.Jackson EWK171096.4
    D.Harris RCA11706.4
    D.Byrd FUQ161016.3
    E.Thomas RCA13826.3

    Girls scoring

    A. Stevens CRY1649430.9
    K.Evans GRV1335827.5
    G.Hunter ADR1745426.7
    K.Demski RTA1737522.1
    R.Banks CAC1633320.8
    T.Murphy CLY1530520.3
    K.Ealey BRO1530420.3
    A.Cyr-Sculy ECH1423516.8
    R.Council NDR1422516.1
    T.Bartholomew SDA1828515.8
    K.Chandler GAR1218915.8
    M.Wilson KNI1726315.5
    K.Vines CED1523015.3
    S.Totten NWD1420914.9
    L.Roberts DAC2130614.6
    B.Staton SDR1724714.5
    C.Rothwell DAC2130214.4
    A.Bailey GRV1318214.0

    Girls rebounding

    R.Banks CAC1631119.4
    A. Stevens CRY1629318.3
    C.Jones ENL1616410.2
    T.Bartholomew SDA1818010.0
    L.Ronco DAC212029.6
    H.Howard HLY161408.8
    H.Hite MID181558.6
    M.Beuris CGI181548.6
    T.Hicks ENL171398.2
    M.Castagnero APX171388.1

Northern Durham remains atop The News & Observer high school boys basketball rankings this week despite losing a PAC Six 4A game to Durham Jordan on Friday, 76-69.

Millbrook, 13-3 overall and ranked No. 2, has been playing well, but lost to Northern, 70-53, in their early season head-to-head meeting.

Panther Creek, which had been No. 2, slips to fourth as Clayton advances.

The girls’ poll remains stable with South Johnston breaking in at No. 13 and Athens Drive coming in at No. 15.

News & Observer high school basketball rankings


Rnk. SchoolPvs.Record
1. Chapel Hill117-0
2. Southeast Raleigh215-2
3. Broughton313-2
4. East Wake515-2
5. Apex414-3
6. Millbrook615-3
7. Cary714-3
8. Knightdale813-4
9. Cardinal Gibbons 914-4
10. Granville Central1113-0
11. Holly Springs 1012-4
12. Ravenscroft1214-4
13. South JohnstonNR13-4
14. Clayton1510-5
15. Athens DriveNR11-6


1. Northern Durham116-2
2. Millbrook313-3
3. Clayton415-3
4. Panther Creek215-3
5. Knightdale614-3
6. Bunn714-2
7. Orange514-3
8. Lee County1514-3
9. Durham Jordan1312-5
10. Person1211-6
11. Word of God1411-5
12. Heritage812-5
13. Broughton913-4
14. East Wake1111-6
15. Apex1011-7

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