Dr. Perry J. Kirch: Prevent, not react to, health care issues

January 27, 2014 

Now that Obamacare is underway, I understand the frustration that many of my patients are going through. After all, we were told we could keep our current health plans and doctors and that we would save lots of money ($2,500 per year in savings!). Unfortunately, many promises have not come true.

Daily, my staff finds that policy terms have changed and that my patients are shocked and frustrated. Prices have gone up (copays/deductibles), millions in our nation have lost the plans they liked and many doctors are not contracted on the new plans.

I remind my patients daily that we, yes, “we,” are responsible for much of our own health care and consequences of our habits. It’s not up to the insurance companies, the politicians, our doctors, our priest to make us practice good healthy habits. I listen to people complain about their health insurance cost/deductibles as they smoke a cigarette and eat a double bacon cheeseburger! Really?

We must take responsibility and remember that health insurance is there mostly for crisis care, in case of sickness or emergency. It’s OK to be frustrated because we were all misled, but now let’s get back to focusing on what “we” can do, not what “they” have done!

Dr. Perry J. Kirch


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