Paige Burris: Vick not a good choice for speaker

January 28, 2014 

The Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce has chosen Michael Vick as its keynote speaker for the Feb. 12 Evening of Champions’ gala. This event honors local athletes who represent the ideals embraced by champions.

Does anyone have any morals anymore? When did football become more important than lives? Vick is no champion. Selecting him for this celebration is a disgrace. He is a convicted felon who terrorized, tortured and brutally killed countless animals through his Bad Newz Kennels. Neither time served nor his impressive football moves can erase the images of dead and suffering dogs.

Wake County has made great strides toward becoming a lifesaving community for animals thanks to advocates, rescues and Wake County Animal Center working cooperatively to develop innovative programs. These advances have made Wake County a more humane community and further elevates our quality of life. The invitation to Vick sends the wrong message to our community and especially to athletes who need honorable role models.

Please replace Vick with an athlete who represents what we value in a sports hero.

Paige Burris


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