Ron Driver: Schools made right choice

January 29, 2014 

As I watch the media attack the officials on the problems in Atlanta and other areas over the handling of the snow, I am amused to hear the complaints in our area over the closing of schools before any snow appeared (Jan. 29 news article).

It seems it is not about the safety of the children but about cutting into the vacation time this summer. So they got a day off when there was no snow? So what if children have to attend a couple of days at the end of the year or have make-up days? What would have been their complaint if school had been held and the storm hit a few hours earlier, making a situation for all involved much like Atlanta?

They should be thanking the school system for being on the side of caution thus allowing the DOT and others to perform their work as needed without the added burden of rush-hour traffic and school buses. And if they are looking for someone to blame for the weather not meeting their expectations, I guess they should have a heart to heart with God.

I am sure he/she will get a good laugh out of that conversation.

Ron Driver, Fuquay-Varina

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