Gailya Paliga: McCrory a nightmare

January 31, 2014 

A Jan. 16 article showed Gov. Pat McCrory’s approval ratings falling, so I was annoyed to see a Jan. 24 article saying “McCrory makes progress on campaign promises.” McCrory needs to be rated according to how badly he allowed N.C. residents to be hurt via signing bad laws and hiring unqualified people.

The biggest example of McCrory and the NCGA hurting N.C. is by refusing to expand Medicaid, thereby giving up coverage for 500,000, losing out on 25,000 direct jobs and billions of dollars that would have come with expanded Medicaid. By cutting off long-term emergency unemployment and slashing new unemployment benefits, 170,000 North Carolinians will lose an estimated $780 million in unemployment payments (according to the U.S. Department of Labor).

More recently in the news, N.C. may lose $88 million more in federal money for food stamps due to the disaster DHHS caused by going ahead with a computer system worse than the one it replaced. Now, doctors are suing N.C. over the other bad system DHHS went ahead with, NC Tracks.

Lastly, McCrory signed legislation that may end up closing all but one clinic in N.C., making safe and legal abortion impossible for most women. New regulations of abortion clinics rest with DHHS.

This year has been a nightmare for women and families in N.C., thanks to McCrory and his choice in leadership.

Gailya Paliga

President, NC National Organization for Women


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