Robert Hancock: Sowing division

February 1, 2014 

I grew up in rural South Carolina and have been blessed with the addition of a family member, my brother-in-law, who is African-American along with my beautiful niece and nephew whom I love dearly.

As I consider the progression of our society to a state where race doesn’t matter, I’m constantly made aware by the likes of the Rev. William Barber that apparently he and others like him really want to create more distance between our races. His constant focus on what makes us “different” does nothing but cause division and anxiety between us and does nothing to bring us together.

I often find myself wondering why a man who, as his title represents, is supposedly first a preacher in Christ’s church would work so hard to sow division and conflict and not peace. Christ lived and died for us, and as a man representing him here on Earth, Barber should find Christ’s example of seeking peace to be more of a motivation.

Sadly, we are too quick to give him center stage – which is right where I think he wants to be.

Robert Hancock

Wake Forest

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