Chelsea Barnes: No progress for Duke, legislators

February 2, 2014 

After listening to the president’s State of the Union address, I felt a great sense of relief and pride that our president was speaking out so strongly on the threat of climate change.

However, that feeling was quickly replaced by disappointment as I came back down to earth and realized how hard North Carolina’s legislators and Duke Energy are fighting against every effort we are making to slow the progression of climate change.

As the EPA is working to develop strong standards for carbon rules, our legislators are working to strip away the EPA’s ability to do so. As the solar industry is growing in our state, Duke Energy Progress and legislators are working as hard as they can to make solar less favorable and to repeal the Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard.

Our state spends billions of dollars on importing coal each year, while Duke and our representatives claim that supporting renewable energy industries that bring jobs to our state is too expensive. It’s far past time that our utility and our representatives face the reality of climate change and the fate of the traditional utility model.

Chelsea Barnes


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