Jack Derrick: Delivery issues

February 3, 2014 

Regarding the Feb. 1 letter “Delivery test”: If we wish to conduct a test, we should give careful consideration to sample sizes. The writer claimed that during the recent snow, the government Postal Service had not delivered, that the private newspaper carrier and UPS had delivered and that this was an excellent laboratory in which to test the productivity and efficiency of private versus government providers of services.

However, at our home the Postal Service did deliver in a USPS vehicle equipped with chains and driven by a very nice lady who even came to the house and asked whether we needed anything, but neither the newspaper carrier nor FedEx delivered for at least one day. In fact, the FedEx driver showed up a day late without chains and could not climb our driveway.

We would all be wise not to try to make too much of too little.

Jack Derrick, Wake Forest

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