Michelle Disney: Don’t bait bears

February 4, 2014 

Regarding the Jan. 9 Sports story “Bear baiting up for discussion”: This was shocking to me, and I simply do not see how anyone could justify this in our state.

Those in favor of the method will mask it as a means of controlling bear population, but don’t be fooled. This is driven solely by a desire to capture the largest bears with the smallest efforts. It is an unnatural method, which will put piles of food in our beautifully preserved Carolina woods. Its side effects, which can include more human-bear conflicts by acclimating bears to human food and increased fertility in female bears leading to spikes in population, clearly outweigh the benefits.

How is that as the rest of the country works to move forward and outlaw this unnatural hunting technique, our state is considering adopting it? It can only be the work of the small, money-driven portion of the hunting population, which is in favor of a trophy hunt at any cost.

Michelle Disney


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