Kat Duke: Beam a leader

February 4, 2014 

So glad to know you have finished your in-depth reporting of Steve Beam’s salary, personal leave time and hobbies (Jan. 28 news article). Two things your expose did not make known:

First, Beam is in contact with the agency at all times if he is out of the office. The agency is never left without leadership. Although Beam appoints an acting director in his absence, all decisions are still approved by him personally via phone or email.

Second, it has been my understanding during my employ with the Raleigh Housing Authority that the city of Raleigh provides no funds for public housing needs. Funding for housing and periodic development for RHA comes from Housing and Urban Development in Washington, not the city of Raleigh.

After at least three previous articles dedicated to Beam, I hardly think the board’s decision to eliminate his comp time warranted your banner headline in the Jan. 28 edition. Was it a slow news day?

I pity the poor person who will be the target of your next witch hunt.

Kat Duke


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