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Posted on February 5, 2014 

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1. B. The number of monarch butterflies wintering in Mexico has plunged. Possible causes include the displacement of the milkweed the species feeds on by genetically modified crops and urban sprawl in the United States, as well as the dramatic reduction of the butterflies’ habitat in Mexico because of illegal logging of the trees they depend on for shelter.

2. C. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kroger, Harris Teeter will keep its Matthews offices, its name and a degree of autonomy.

3. C. City officials in Beijing threatened to ban traditional fireworks because they contribute to the city’s air pollution problem.

4. D. Microsoft Studios has acquired the rights to the blockbuster “Gears of War” franchise from Cary-based Epic Games.

5. B. Folk singer Pete Seeger is credited with single-handedly popularizing the five-string banjo.

6. A. An FDA study of antibiotics used in animal feed found them likely to be contributing to the growing problem of bacterial infections that are resistant to treatment in humans.

7. C. Parliament’s spending watchdog committee has asked the royal family to curb expenses and to “get a much firmer grip” on maintenance and repairs needed on the queen’s estates.

8. D. The new science textbooks in Wake County middle schools are the county’s first big plunge into digital textbooks, or “techbooks.”

9. A. Super Bowl quarterback Russell Wilson played for the N.C. State Wolfpack before transferring to Wisconsin.

10. B. Federal officials announced they had seized more than $21.6 million in counterfeit NFL and other sports merchandise in a special operation leading up to the Super Bowl.

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