Lawrence E. Mintz: Always a few bad apples

February 5, 2014 

I began working with student-athletes in 1964 as a tutor for Frank McGuire’s South Carolina Gamecocks, and I continued as a college professor for over 37 years.

The majority of student-athletes I encountered were intelligent, literate and capable; some were delightful and invaluable for the different perspectives and attitudes they added to the class.

However there were always – always – a few who were clearly unprepared to the point of illiteracy, unable to comprehend just about anything in the academic process, barely able to stay awake when they did show up (often escorted to the door by athletic support staff or assistant coaches) and, more often than I like to admit, stayed eligible by taking questionable courses, having work done by tutors handed in as their own and otherwise gaming the system.

Thanks are owed to Madeline Levine for providing unimpeachable support for those who are blowing the whistle, and as for stonewallers Jim Dean and Carol Folt, I suggest that they be traded to the governor’s administration.

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