Linda S. Nelson: Private schools’ mission

February 5, 2014 

The Jan. 28 Point of View article “Why N.C. public schools still the best choice” presented a misleading view of private schools, particularly our talented and professional teachers. The esteem and appreciation we feel toward all educators begin with those we work with every day in our own schools.

Members of the North Carolina Association of Independent Schools value teachers as true professionals – experts in the subjects they teach with an enthusiasm that helps ignite students’ passion to learn. Many of our teachers are attracted to our schools because of their own experiences as independent school students surrounded by faculty who inspired them.

Mandated high-stakes tests don’t drive what we teach. We are mission-driven. Our faculty and administrators work to develop curriculum and learning experiences that will help students reach goals. They work collaboratively, dedicating themselves to continuous professional growth and program evaluation. (Comparative data are available under “Resources for Parents” on our website,

Teachers who are valued and supported excel at their jobs and inspire students to embrace learning. Our approaches to teaching may vary; our shared commitment to educators does not. Children and communities benefit when public, charter and independent schools are strong and support one another.

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