Andrew J. Perrin: UNC being diligent

February 5, 2014 

I found former interim dean Madeline Levine’s letter and The N&O’s Jan. 31 story “Former UNC dean: Some athletes weren’t prepared” about it very unfair indeed.

Since the UNC scandals broke, there have been seven reports and three major committees examining what happened, why it happened and how to avoid it happening again. Nobody who has been paying even the slightest bit of attention could say the university is “steadfastly refusing to engage with the core issue.” In this time, there have been huge changes in admissions, academic support/tutoring, supervision of classes, monitoring of clustering, honor court procedures and independent studies. These reforms may not be enough, and some may disagree with them, but to say they represent “refusing to engage with the core issue” is simply ludicrous.

Levine wrote that questioning “the accuracy of Ms. Willingham’s statistical analysis” is “by implication, (an attack) against her personally.”

Questioning analyses is the bread-and-butter of the university; that is how we arrive at the truth. Carefully analyzing the data – not to mention the ethical handling of data – does not constitute personal attacks. The scandals left us with a lot of work to do to, and a lot of people have been spending a lot of time doing that work.

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