Perry Deane Young: Aiken’s public service

February 5, 2014 

We have to smile at Renee Ellmers’ efforts to ridicule and dismiss the serious candidacy of North Carolina born and raised Clay Aiken. Ellmers’ own biography says she was “born and raised” in Michigan and came to North Carolina in very recent years. Aside from working as a nurse, she lists her chief public service as being “president elect” of the Dunn Chamber of Commerce.

How dare the Republicans question an entertainer’s right to campaign for office when they put a B-movie actor in the White House and a local television personality in the U.S. Senate.

Before “American Idol,” Aiken was a special education teacher in Wake County and later worked with UNICEF. With his wealth earned from singing, he has established a $2 million foundation to help children with disabilities. There is nothing whatsoever in Ellmers’ career that is even remotely comparable to that kind of public service.

Aiken is right. It’s time the good people of District 2 put someone in Washington who is not beholden to party ideologues but is concerned about the hard-working people in this district where Aiken grew up.

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