Karen McGrew: Kochs strike again

February 7, 2014 

An ad sponsored by the Koch brothers shows Emilie Lamb, who suffers from lupus and lost her health insurance because of Obamacare, which has made her life a “living hell.” It doesn’t mention that the “health insurance” she had was a Tennessee program for only 16,000 people that was cut off because it only offers a $25,000 maximum cap. Tennessee would not allow the expansion of Medicaid benefits that Obamacare offers, which would have solved her problem.

The Koch brothers paid millions for this commercial because large corporations do not want to pay for health insurance plans required by the ACA. It has been far cheaper to pay minimum wage with no benefits and have the rest of us foot the medical bills for their employees who have to use the emergency rooms for regular health care. This has been much more expensive for taxpayers than any Obamacare subsidies.

Major corporations are seeing record profits and should raise minimum wages and provide group health insurance. The Koch brothers have billions of dollars to buy public opinion with misleading and false advertising. A free press should be countering this type of blatant manipulation of the truth.

Karen McGrew


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