Lou Giglio: Another public school toll

February 8, 2014 

Regarding the Jan. 10 news article “3rd-grade pupils to take 36 mini-tests”: State Sen. Phil Berger and Rep. Thom Tillis are champions of the charter school model. One of the primary reasons both support charter schools is that charter schools can be exempt from many of the state laws that govern public schools.

Yet, Berger, Tillis and the right-wing N.C. legislature have passed another law that mandates specific curriculum in the state public schools! By the way, what are Berger and Tillis’ credentials regarding reading curriculum? Will all the charter school third grades have to use this reading program?

I recommend that Berger and Tillis have someone read to them the research on the success rate of top-down mandated programs in education. Here’s the CliffsNotes: Top-down mandated programs are an abysmal failure! But isn’t that their goal to prove that public education is a failure? Just wondering, how much did the company that developed the Read to Achieve program donate to Berger and Tillis’ super PACs? But I’m sure that did not enter into their voting for this mandate.

Lou Giglio


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