T.J. Cawley: RTP plan a winner

February 10, 2014 

Regarding RTP’s new Park Center development plans (Feb. 4 news article): Transit absolutely needs to be incorporated in the follow-through of this exciting and timely next step.

Proposed commuter rail stops are central to the RTP vision because they make viable mixed-use development within the area. This kind of development will encourage workers to live and socialize in the park. Transit and land use are integrally linked, and having these rail stops in place will provide incentives for people and corporations to move to RTP. Young professionals especially are looking for communities that are walkable and transit-oriented.

Now that RTP has taken this bold step in support of a regional transit plan, the Wake County Board of Commissioners needs to act on the plan that has been set before them. Bringing regional bus and rail transit to the Triangle is vital to connections between RTP and the surrounding municipalities. It will create jobs, improve public health and improve our local economy. This has proven true time and again in other metropolitan areas in the U.S.

Kudos to RTP for once again leading the way. Let’s do what we can to support its vision.

T.J. Cawley


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